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David Alexander Cheaters

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What can I say about David Alexander… Well he begged and begged me to go out with him… I refused and he continued to beg, I finally *to shut him up* said ok. We dated for 1 year and 4 months… 1 year and 4 months of COMPLETE H**L! The man would NEVER call me but when I would try to break up, he’d cry and cry for hours… So I was trapped in this screwy relationship with a person who’s friends were harrassing me daily who didnt care about me. He said he loved me… Stupid me, I took his virginity… Then he decided that he would continue his BS and attempt to cheat on me with a fat red head named Jenny Lezer who is also in Antioch California. Then he tried with her sister… I stopped him on both accounts and he NEVER got me a b-day present or a valentines day gift or christmas gift or anything! He never even said sorry for the way he treated me when I loved him. I bought him a very expensive chain with the letter D on it for David. I ended up breaking up with him and now he’s with this new girl… Sadly, I think she doesnt know what kind of a person he is… He didnt even take me to the junior prom, he took this short fat girl named Vanessa instead… All he is is a waste of tears and time… PLEASE dont date this man… PLEASE… You will be WASTING your time… You can message him at AOL – Jayhova919

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First Name: David
Middle Name:
Last Name: Alexander
Category: Cheaters


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