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Darren Ambler- S*x/Drug Addict/ STD’s- Sociopath- Abortion- Prostitute- Liar- Cherry Hill- NJ:

DARREN AMBLER has been compared to Mindy Murray. It seems Miss Murray and Darren Ambler have much in common like “Lack of Moral Fiber”- Severe Sexual Addictions/Compulsions- Drug Use- Anger issues- Mental illness-Selfishness- lack of Self-esteem-Poor Manners- lack of Social skills- Abusive- pathological Lying-refusal to take accountability for their wrongful and inappropriate actions. Mindy is absolutely Darren Ambler’s type. Plenty of Dirty s*x & oral s*x- Plenty of drugs- foul language and degrading intercourse is what Darren is all about. Darren and Gary Dumas met a while back while involved with Miss Megan Bentzley’s alleged “Meet Up Group”. Which was not a meet up group but a front for a “Prostitution Organization”. They are a great deal alike except Gary is much better looking than Darren Ambler- well anyone is better looking than Darren. How can a person live their life LYING- Manipulating others- Using every one for their own benefit and having no Moral Structure at all? They have to be inhuman to live that way. Never admitting wrong doing is something that is very bothersome to a normal person but not to Dork Darren Ambler.
Ladies- do not have any fear- Freedom of speech is protected by the Communications Decency Act (1977)- As long as you speak the truth then you are within in your Legal Rights: Too bad if the other party does not like it: Tough noggins. Speaking or Publicizing true and accurate facts is not SLANDER OR DEFAMATION. Darren Ambler knows what he did and who he did it with- so let him lie and threaten us. I don’t think Darren would feel comfortable in court with a Judge facing him while his peronal life and his extracurricular activities for the last four years are discussed in front of an intelligent Judge. Any Judge would be very concerned about any children involved after hearing daming information about their daddy (Darren Ambler). That is something the courts would never overlook. Darren better shut his filthy ugly smelly mouth.

DARREN AMBLER currently resides at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- Township, New Jersey. He was employed by Express Scripts- Cigna in Florence NJ. Mr. Ambler has gained Notoriety over the past few years for his Womanizing- Abusive Treatment to females- his primiscious lifestyle- His Drug Abuse-Large number of Sexual Partners (both Prostitutes and Vulnerable -lonely females). Darren Ambler has no preference, he will screw anything that moves. That is why Darren is so very dangerous. He is a known Sexual Addict and Serious Drug Abuser. Darren Ambler started soliciting and stalking females for S*X only about 4 years ago. He stalked numerous Dating web-sites and S*X related sites. Darren Ambler did find lonely women desperate for S*X and attention. Therefore- within a short period of time Darren Ambler had Sexual Intercourse and Oral S*x with numerous women. Darren got a thrill out of “One Night Stands” – “S*x with Prostitutes” and short term Sexual Relationships. Darren has no MORAL Standards – Respectability- Self- worth or Dignity. Generally, Darren Ambler is plain and simple SCUM of the Earth and a Notorious Sexual and P*********y Addict.
Darren Ambler abused his S*x Partners. Darren is a Dork and has no personality. He probably had few if any Girlfriends in his youth. Darren Ambler has nothing to offer a Women. He has no manners- etiquette- moral standards-he is not handsome- Zero Personality or social skills and his Breath stinks to High Heaven. Some feel, Darren Ambler is being punished by the Lord for his Sexual sins- Mistreatment of women and others and his foul language and addiction to drugs and p*********y. Therefore- the stench oozing from his mouth and pores is the result of his Internal organs rotting away at a rapid rate. The Breath is horrible- Toxic and highly Flammable.
Darren Ambler is extremely selfish and has an obvious Inferiority complex. Which is understandable- every time he looks into a mirror it must be terribly painful looking at that face. His scrawny body and Bugged out eyes only add to his unattractiveness. He is foul mouthed- aggressive and crude behavior makes him even more of a turn off. Darren is clueless and lives in his own sick world of S*X- Oral S*x- P*********y and Manipulation. Darren Ambler is a Master Manipulator and can NEVER be trusted. He wanted S*x slaves to obey his every sick sexual command. As of April 1- 2019- Ten (10) former Lovers have come forward to say that Darren Ambler gave them Filthy STD’s. These women want Justice and plan to get it no matter how long it takes. Darren Ambler is a Gross PIG- and LIAR. He failed to use protection or take precautions when he screwed his numerous Sexual partners which was another stupid act on Mr. Ambler’s part. Darren Ambler is a sick Sociopath- with numerous addictions and perversions. He has screwed single women- married women- divorced women- even Senior citizens. Darren is sick and perverted and likes variety just like any male prostitute with a s*x and drug obsession.
Darren Ambler lives a “Double Life”. For the most part he has been EXPOSED big time for his immorality- sick perverted actions- abuse of women and his Pathological lies. Unfortunately- Darren is a daddy. He is a perfect example of an incompetent- unfit parent. Darren Ambler is a S*x freak and druggie. He is a prostitute- has a foul mouth- he is abusive to others . These are all bad traits that make it impossible for any man to be a decent daddy. Any Court Judge would agree 100% that Darren is UNFIT! What can Darren possibly teach a child? How to be a good hooker? or How to lie and get away with it? How to beat and abuse the female s*x? Darren is no good period- he does not deserve kids. PROSTITUTES make terrible parents PERIOD.
After months of graphic and illicit S*X and Oral S*x- Darren Ambler was in full swing. He met up with Megan Bentzley and loved what she had to offer the 41 year old s*x addict- mental case. Megan Bentzley ran an Organized prostitution service in Philadelphia PA. Megan is a Prostitute and an troubled girl with a drug problem and Police record. A perfect match for Darren Scott Ambler. Darren and Megan Bentzley had an abusive- violent sexual relationship full of physical abuse- drug abuse- name calling and gross- vulgar sexual sessions (some were taped). Megan taught Darren the art of Oral S*x-Group S*x- Cross Dressing- Bondage- S****t or evil s*x practices and other filthy pornographic sexual acts. Darren Ambler was in S*X heaven after meeting Megan. However- soon the relationship soured and ended on a bad note. Darren also began servicing female and male clients where money was exchanged for SERVICES RENDERED.
Darren Ambler now had two professions- Pharmacist and Prostitute. Many clients were very disappointed after being with Darren Ambler. Most said he was horrible in bed and he had a very tiny and underdeveloped “Ding Dong”. Out of the 10 females that came forward to say Darren infected them with STD’s- they all said Darren Ambler is a TOTAL FAILURE in the bedroom. But also said he is a sick and filthy minded pervert that would do anything sexual no matter how sick and degrading. P** is one of Darren Ambler’s favorite p*********y web sites. He would watch the filth for hours and try and rein act some of the pornographic s*x depicted on P**n Hub. Of course- Darren was unable to do so and he is a real “BUSTED BALLON” sexually speaking. He needs a ding dong transplant and facial reconstruction.
Darren is a low class Scum PIG who tried to prove his manhood by s******g various women with no strings attached. Darren never proved his manhood. he is not even half a man. Darren Ambler exploited himself- his sexual victims and he tarnished his own name. There are Consequences for our bad immoral actions. Darren must be a mature man and accept the consequences for his immorality and filthy acts. He may as well STOP the lies and accept the situation. Be proud of his Prostitution- his many flings- his drug abuse and everything else he did. Darren Ambler forced DRUGS on poor Megan many times prior to very dirty degrading S*X. Darren Ambler was HIGH all of the time on Weed- Heroin- Crack- Pills and Booze. But yet Darren apparently tried to portray himself as a straight man- good living and kind person. BULL- Darren is none of those things. Actually- he is Evil -Corrupt- Selfish-Ugly- Mentally insane and his breath is horribly Noxious and the fumes can make one violently ill.
Darren Ambler once beat a former s*x partner so badly after a drug and s*x session gone wrong. This poor girl wandered into the streets of West Philadelphia. A good Samaritan helped the poor beaten girl get help. Darren being a coward and liar took off and was never held accountable for this act. Darren Ambler also impregnated a s*x partner- lover after an abusive Liaison. This women underwent an Abortion by herself. Darren took no responsibility as per usual. I hope Darren Ambler realizes the Abortion is just as much a Grave sin on his filthy Soul as it is on the other person involved. Abortion is MURDER. It is better the child was aborted. Can you imagine an innocent baby having to grow up knowing his daddy is an Prostitute- Mental case. Also- G*d forbid an innocent baby inherit Darren’s looks. That would be terrible punishment that no child deserves.
Many feel Darren Ambler is not only a bad seed but Evil- Corrupt and Hateful. A special place has been reserved in H**L for Darren Ambler after he dies. He would be right at home with the DEVIL or Lucifer. Sexual sins- lies- abusing others- selfishness- abortion are all acts that can Dam someone in H**L for all of eternity. Darren Ambler better get as much dirty s*x as possible on earth. because there is no S*X in H**L.
Former s*x partners have nothing but contempt for Scum Darren Ambler. Mrs. Angie Parsons despises Darren and also stated he is the worst FAILURE one could have in the bedroom. Plus- His Face is something that could make one vomit within seconds. George Parsons has no kind words for Darren Ambler either. Natalie Becerra thinks Darren Ambler is Gross- Immature- a Coward and completely tuned out of this world- possibly due to the drugs. Darren definitely has brain damage because he has no rational thoughts and is becoming more insane over time. Darren is a wimp that attempted to blame Natalie Becerra for his Drug Abuse and excessive Alcohol consumption. Darren needs to grow up and take responsibility for his own behaviors. Alina said Darren should always stay fully clothed. Stated that he is only embarrassing himself stripping before s*x. His body leaves much to be desired.
Justice will be served one day. Darren Ambler will not get away with his actions and behaviors. The authorities are fully aware that Darren Ambler is a Playboy and has engaged in ILLEGAL and illicit S*X. The authorities view Ambler a just another sick sociopath with no Conscience or Moral standards. No wonder Mr. Ambler’s former wife took off. Who could stand an UGLY- Sociopath addicted to S*x- Drugs- P*********y with a foul mouth. He would drive anyone insane.
No normal person could stand being around Darren Ambler. Many wish he would go away forever and leave normal- moral- good living people alone. He is a threat to females and society. Putting out the Garbage is a term that refers to Darren Ambler quite well. He better STOP publicly bashing his former abused s*x partners. How dare that Scum use and beat us and call us filthy names on line and in public: If Mr. Darren does not like being “EXPOSED” to the world for being a “FILTHY- LIAR- PERVERTED- UGLY- S*X DEVIANT- DRUG ADDICT- IMMORAL EVIL SELFISH- CON MAN- SOCIOPATH – P*********Y ADDICT WITH MADE S*X FILTHY AND DIRTY ” THEN Darren Ambler should not have started a life of Immoral Prostitution- P*********y- Abusing others- back stabbing and acting like an immature hurt baby when he gets exposed or does not get his way. Darren Ambler is a “COWARD”- he can dish it out but can not take the Consequences. Too bad- we must pay the price for our evil ways.
YES- Darren Ambler contributes to the moral decline of society. He corrupts the minds of the young and impressionable. Darren Ambler and his graphic vulgar s*x practices has made S*X a dirty and Vulgar act which it was never intended to be that way. Why not admit his wrongs and act like a Mature Adult/ I have to use the word adult. Because Darren is no man and never will be. Even a Ding dong transplant would not make him a man.
Darren Ambler is EVIL and has exploited s*x and women for his own satisfaction. That is what an evil sick perverted person does Like LUCIFER: He is an Adulterer- Fornicator- Immoral Creep that has nothing Inside or out. A vacant- useless empty evil predator. He made himself this way through his own actions. He slandered himself.
Even Religious organizations are commenting on Darren Ambler and his Immoral acts and abusive treatment of others. Please see:

Darren Scott Ambler Cherry Hill NJ-Nate Hill Fletcher NC-Nathaniel Elliott CatPoopenstein
Darren Ambler’s nick names- “Busted Balloon”- “Double Life Darren”- “Liar”- “demented Darren” and “Quarter of an inch”. What makes the public more angry is Darren Ambler’s lack of remorse and unrepentant attitude. Darren can’t lie to G*D- if he could i am sure he would try.
Good people don’t exploit and hurt others- they don’t engage in prostitution and P*********y- they don’t use filthy language.
Darren Ambler must remember:

*Engaging in Prostitution i a Criminal act.

*Exploitation of s*x for money- Criminal act

* Spreading STD’s Criminal act/ can be charged Civilly also and guilty party can be sued for money damages.

*And whatever else Darren Ambler did that maybe we don’t know about as of Yet.

Darren Ambler go away never come back any day! PLEASE…..Beware protect yourself from this predator. Warn your daughters- Mothers- Grandmothers etc..Darren will screw anyone. He does not discriminate.

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