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Darla May Campbell HomeWreckers

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I’m not the ex wife or girl friend I’m the daughter . My father has gone back and forth between this women and my mother for two years. He is at our home in front of all 3 of his children and one grandchild kissing and hugging and touching on our mother playing family then going to his house (separated but trying to work through for kids) he goes home and has this w***e show up. It’s went that way for a year . They met cause he was driving around and she was mowing her lawn and he asked if she wanted some tea and she said yes! Who the f**k talks to creeping man and excepts drinks she doesn’t know what’s in them.

Anyways he keeps her a secret while trying to fix his family well he got caught and she was now known about she refused to let him have time with his two under 15 year old daughters they want just daddy time and she doesn’t let that happen . Little does she know he text our mother asking for nudes and s*x . He comes over while she’s at work and tries to get with our mom . He’s a sick man trying to play the pity card telling mom Darla’s a lost puppy and won’t leave and tells Darla moms crazy and he can’t get away. So here are these 3 kids my parents have together dealing with daddy being not someone we can trust. She knows my dad tries to get with my mom and that the kids and his wife want that but she refuses to get the hint that she’s just a game.

Well time goes by and it only gets worse. Darla and I get on bad terms she tells me lies about my dad and mom and that I need to watch my own life fall apart (dad talks s**t on me behind my back to her) so she calls my son a b*****d he was one years old at time and I just became 18. Not long before this time I got extremely mad she wouldn’t leave my family alone texting the 13 year old with insults and telling her how s****y her mom is. One day my father came to get his youngest for a sleep over and moms walking her out to the car because if his w***e was going his daughter didn’t want to go. And sure enough the truck door flies open and she attacks my mother in front of my kid sister. She beats my mom in her own yard .

Well by this time I’ve had enough of this b***h so I took my self to her house because no charges where filed, the courts wouldn’t do anything but protective order for my mom and she was free to go. I went to her house bashing her door and she came out I gave her two black eyes she chipped her tooth with a flower pot trying to save her life lmao! She went to the cops and is a grown women and told them she was scared for her life of me and I’ve had to do year of court and fines and classes and 20 hours community services plus 1000 $ in attorney’s fees all because she didn’t know her place as dads w***e and to leave the children out of it, or they fight back. She mentally f**ks with his kids by telling them if you don’t like me get over it daddy’s going to marry me! All the while he tells them she’s not my girlfriend.

She is truly a monster. She quit her job and has been sucking money from him to pay for her two kids and house. We found a paper in his truck. He kept track of all he payed for and he’s now with no bills of his own, no rent, no one to take care of, but himself. But he can’t afford his child support. He’s been payed for 4 years, same job at the railroad making good money but she has him file threw the courts to modify his child support and take money and food from his children.

Well then my grandfather tragically passes away and I attended his service but I asked her politely please do not come. By law I can’t be there if she is and he was blood to me so I had that right to be there . Well little did I know she had shown up and sat behind me . It broke my heart. I had to leave my own grandfathers funeral cause daddy’s w***e couldn’t stay home. I could have been put in jail and she knew it . Clearly not scared for her own life like she told courts. She forces her self to be up his b**t 24/7 and never believed my youngest sister when she says daddy kisses my mom. She neglects her own children lets her boy who is not even 12 to run the streets with knifes. He steals from my dad. Just so she can be consumed by my father.

I’ve lost him completely because of her. I legally can’t be there so why would I let my children spend time with grandpa if he will only have trash around them . She is a w***e out begging for attention and money! She can’t keep a job she steals and gets fired! She has ruined our lives, she has destroyed our lives. My baby’s sisters will never have their fathers love again because of her . My baby boys will never know their papa cause of her. She is a home wreaking w***e!

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First Name: Darla
Middle Name: May
Last Name: Campbell
Category: HomeWreckers


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