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Dana Sedelnick, Wells, Vermont Cheaters

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Dana Sedelnick has been cheating on his wife since February 2014. He makes her feel like its her fault for him straying. He says he only EMOTIONALLY cheated and says he has stopped. He is cheating on his wife with Melinda Prieur who has kids of her own. . He wont tell the wife where he is going. He is always sleeping at a friends house instead of coming home to her. He says his drive to school is too long and he stays at a buddies house. His wife wanted to pursue a life in Hollywood so she relocated to LA and he told her it was OKAY to sleep with other men! Who tells his wife its okay to do that! He told his girlfriend that he and his wife are separated and they are not. He tells her he is getting a divorce but then plays the good husband when the wife gets suspicious. The wife is clueless. She is letting him walk all over her as if she would rather be in this relationship with a cheater than face the stigma that comes with the label of divorce. He is training to be in the ROTC and wants to go to active duty just so he can avoid his wife. He has no b***s to tell her the truth and she is suffering for it. He is exhibiting psychopathic tendencies. He needs medication that he refuses to get while he is trying to pursue a military career. The wife wanted him to move to Los Angeles with her but his first question : What are the gun laws there? Thats a scary thought when someone thinks about gun laws before all else. He travels for school for ROTC all the time but when she moved to LA he refused to visit his own wife. The girlfriend thinks he is going to leave the wife but the wife refuses to let him go because he can be saved To me this guy is just trying to have his cake and eat it too. The woman he dated before his wife stalked him for the whole first year that Dana was dating his wife. The wife thinks she was stalking him but he was really just still seeing her behind the her back and then he made the old gf out to be crazy. Now he is telling his new girlfriend that his wife is crazy and to contact her because she will just lie to her. He is playing everyone is his life. He also had a wife and a son who he abandoned at the sons 1 year of age mark. That just shows you the true colors of this animal. STAY FAR AWAY!!!!

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First Name: Dana
Middle Name: Sedelnick,
Last Name: Wells, Vermont
Category: Cheaters


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