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I fell head over heels in love with this man and he has shattered my world, broke my heart and ruined my life. He has lied and cheated. I was shocked to think he could have actually done this to me or anyone else. He is a champion liar. I believed every word and lie that he fed to me and it appears I am not the only one. He said he was divorced and that he had two ex wives and both had cheated on him. He told me he loved me, he asked me to marry him, we planned a life together, he wanted to have a baby. He is controlling and manipulative. He is a master at head games. He is mentally and emotionally abusive. He demands you to change for him, change your hair color, tattoo his name on your body, do certain things, dress a certain way. I loved him with my whole heart and I feel sick and stupid to have let him do this to me. My only solace is that I am not alone. I certainly hope the next woman does not become a victim of his as the rest of us have. Follow the advice above, Beware of him and run as far away as possible. When he loses his temper he is scary. I do want to thank one of his other victims for warning me and bringing all of this to my attention. I have wasted many precious years with this man and in the end all for nothing. I totally agree with the above comments. What a scum!!!!

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First Name: Dan
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Last Name: Anderson
Category: Cheaters


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