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Dale Carman (groove jones), pedophile, cheater, pervert, human trafficker Predators and Perverts

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Dale Andrew Carman the founder of Dallas video game company groove jones has been married three times and he has cheated on all his wives with prostitutes. When he was married to his first wife Kristi he cheated on her with hundreds of prostitutes and he met his second wife Amy when she was a prostitute and he was still married to Kristi
He kept Amy prostituting herself out of the home he bought with her on Turtle Point Drive in Plano, TX. While married to Amy he kept pimping her out and cheated on her with other prostitutes. That is how he met Erika Anna Maclean when she was know by the hooker name Cameron0908. Dale Carman divorced Amy and has Erika Maclean move into the house on Turtle Point Drive wheee she continues to this day to run her prostitution operation from the upstairs bedroom. Erika now uses the prostitute names The Dallas Legend and Naughty Nicole in online advertising on and in emails to her johns.
At the same time Dale Carman continues to pay prostitutes for s*x. He is well known on online prostitution sites like and for forcing prostitutes to have s*x without condoms. He has used multiple handles on these sites to try to hide and change his identity. He was black listed by many prostitutes for forcing them. To have intercourse without condoms and also for leaving without paying them.
Dale Carman has been a pimp for more than a decade pimping out his last two wives he has even set up a fake business he calls Soul Massage at his home at 6529 Turtle Point Drive Plano TX to provide a cover for all the men that come and leave after an hour to pay Erika Anna Maclean Carman for s*x
He has NOT reported any of the income he makes from his prostituting of Amy and Erik to the IRS
The IRS, Texas DPS, Collin County Sheriffs Department and Plano Police could and should be investigating Dale Andrew Carman of groove jones and his wife Erika Anna Maclean Carman

Dale Carman’s father George Carman, Dale Carman’s mother Hilda Carman, Dale Carman’s daughter Katherine Carman, Dale Carman’s sons Andrew Carman and Jonathan Carman and his other kids are all disgusted with Dale Carman and want nothing to do with him. Andrew Carman has a long criminal history. Dale Carman’s business partners at groove jones Tom Leppert, Dan Ferguson, Scott Howell and the rodent like Gary Banks are also sick if Dale Carman’s c**p and how he embarrasses the company. Many of the employees have been leaving or ar least complaining about having to work with a pervert like Dale Carman.
Dale Carman and his Ho wife Erika Anna Maclean Carman, who looks like a man with too much makeup, are an embarrassment to Plano, Texas and the human race.
Any company that still does business with groove jones should be boycotted for supporting s*x trafficking and pedophelia by putting money into the pocket of a sick pervert like Dale Carman

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First Name: Dale
Middle Name: Carman
Last Name: (groove jones), pedophile, cheater, pervert, human trafficker
Category: Predators and Perverts


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