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I’m not sure if this site will even have enough time, room or space for my life story. So I’m just going to say what has taken the cake of all of it and has taken its toll on my 19 year marriage. My husband has done his dirt for most of our marriage but I’ve managed to keep it going and keep trying and praying that soon it would all get better. I’ve been so naive to believe that every time he wouldn’t do it again.

So this year in March I started to notice again, the odd hours of work and making excuses to go somewhere when he was home, but I was so focused on our spring break vacation to Walt Disney World, that I didn’t want to let anything ruin it for my kids. So yes we left, had an awesome time and did what we never thought we would ever have the chance to do! Vacation in Disney! After it was over we were back home, back to school, work, bills and life! He started to have a really bad attitude at home with the kids and myself. He didn’t ever try to make time to spend with us. He would argue for no reason and he would leave and come back whenever he felt like it. After a few weeks of that misery he started to leave on Fridays and not come back home till Monday after work. One time he was gone for a good 5 or 6 days. I went through his bank statements and saw money withdraws in areas where I knew we didn’t know anyone. Then I saw where he had been shopping at places and times that we hadn’t been together.

After weeks again of headaches and heartaches I was just feeling like I was going crazy with all these bad thoughts in my head. I couldn’t stand to see other girls/women because I felt like d**n how could anyone want to be “the other girl”? So one night he fell asleep early and left his phone in the living room when he usually had it under his pillow. So sure enough I guessed his passcode and found what any wife doesn’t want to find. He had messages to and from this w***e and pictures she had sent him. She had just sent him a text right before I picked up his phone. I forwarded all the texts and pics to my phone. I tried calling her number and she let it ring twice and the third time she answered and wouldn’t say anything. Then crazy but true her phone got disconnected that same night. I would get the cricket phone message. So I started to text the b***h! She wouldn’t text back. I was losing my mind. I woke him up and tried to stay calm and showed him his phone and first he said it was a guy from work texting about work. I said yeah right I had already read the s**t and saw it was a girl -he named Kris on his phone. He had no words, no apology, and no emotions. He didn’t care. He told me not to be digging for s**t because then I would find it. Our house was a mad house from that night on.

One night the girl text again and this time he got his phone and tried to say again it was a coworker. I texted her from my phone saying who I was and to leave him alone and after like the forth text I sent her she finally grew some b***s and texted me back and this time she’s using a texting app on an iPod. I was guessing the b***h couldn’t afford to pay her cricket bill! So she wrote me that they were in love and she made him happy and the days and nights he would come home relaxed it was because she had him taken care of before he left her place. She also had the nerve to send me a pic of some of his clothes she had of his and another pic of some skanky s**t she said was his favorite for her to wear for him. I just about could have killed him that night. I was beyond feeling like the smallest piece of dirt. He was next to me saying I was crazy for letting her get to me and that he was sorry and that she was a psycho hoe that didn’t get the hint to leave him alone. Well you know all the c**p a man says to try and make things better.

Days later all h**l broke when I put all the investigating I did together and found out who she really was. Crystal Lopez, a $5 w***e!! She was the girlfriend to a handicapped guy that just went to county jail for selling her for s*x. She would have s*x for 20$ and give blow jobs for 5 dollars is what the word is for her in the streets. She’s knows all about it or she would do it for some c**p to smoke. Everyone in the so called gangs or hangouts in Pasadena knows her. She has like 4 or 5 kids she lost custody of years ago to her ex and her cousin. She’s a drug user and a w***e. So I guess after the guy went to jail she had no place to go but home to her brothers or some relative. When she found my husband and he gave her the time and day (dumbass) she thought she won the life changing award! Although my very un-loyal husband is a cheater, he is a very hard worker and has a lot going well for himself.

I’m not sure what he saw in her cause we definitely have nothing in common. She smokes weed and I don’t smoke! She uses other drugs and I’m drug free! She has tattoos and I don’t. I work a real honest job and she doesn’t. I have my own car and she doesn’t. I live in my own home and she’s a freeloader and she’s a true hoe and I’m not! I can honestly say I’m very loyal to my husband even after all the c**p he has done to me but after knowing that he’s been with this w***e I can’t seem to move on like I have in the past. We have a car and a truck and when I’m in the car I can’t even stand it because I know she’s been in it, her and more I’m sure.

The cellphone he has is his company phone so he says he can’t change the number. Time has passed and he’s tried to convince me that he’s done with her but she is the psycho one that won’t quit. I have tried to put this behind us but it’s just not working. She wasn’t just one of those hoes he met…she’s a real w***e! How do I live with that? It’s gross and disgusting to know what I know about her. We have both been to the doctor already to be checked because well you just never know and I don’t want any surprises.

Our marriage just isn’t the same anymore. I have no trust in him and I don’t believe anything he says. Not even when he says he’s at work. He is at home for most of the time now but his phone is still that same number and he still keeps it under his a*s all the time. So how do I move on from this one? When I say he’s cheated on me plenty of times I mean really has done it all. Life hasn’t been easy and I ask myself why and how am I still around. Is it even worth it? I love him with all my heart and I don’t want to lose him especially to a w***e but I have fought for my marriage over and over and I don’t think that’s how it should be. This b***h has done everything in the book to ruin my life. She went to Facebook and posted pics of my husband calling him her boo and a pic of them together knowing that everyone and their momma knows who he is and who he is married to and lives with. That was just embarrassing for both of us.

And for her, how does any girl want to be the dumb-a*s that waits for a guy to leave his wife probably after having s*x with her and then going to the dumb a*s that’s waiting? She waits while he’s back and forth from home with his wife and kids. I don’t get it. That’s just some low down desperate dirty s**t if you ask me. I messaged her not too long ago on Facebook and told her I was going to post her pic here since she wanted to act like a cheap w***e. She hasn’t responded to it yet because she knows I put her in her spot. This is what she is….a true HOMEWRECKER!!!! I’m not sure what’s going to happen from here on but I can only hope that I make the right decision. For my kids’ sake and for myself.

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