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Crystal Dawn Rodriguez, Orange, California Cheaters

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Date: 6:24 pm

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Crystal is a poor excuse for a wife as well as a human being. After four and a half years of being together and while we were trying to have a child she cheated on me with an ex. She is selfish, self serving, suffers from internalized homophobia, and does not care about anyone but herself. She moved out and left me while I was on a trip and with out any warning or explanation. While we were together I paid for everything the first two years so she could get out of the credit card debt she got into by living outside her means. She never did anything that did not benefit her in someway. She has no problem spending other people’s money to get what she wants. She has cheated before and will do it to you. Take this report serious ladies of the OC. She is even more of a w***e when she drinks. Her dogs p**s on everything and will ruin your place. She will walk away from you never look back. Trust me it’s not worth your time or energy she will not change. Women watch out for this one.

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First Name: Crystal
Middle Name: Dawn
Last Name: Rodriguez, Orange, California
Category: Cheaters


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