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Craig Martinosky Cheaters

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Oh wow, this guy knows how to love bomb! Within a week of meeting you he will shower you with adoration. Within a month he will tell you that you are the most amazing woman he has ever met and how feels that you are the one G*d created just for him. All the while he mostly just wants constant attention from you. He also has a way of manipulating you so that you want to do anything at all to make him happy. His love bombing is so intoxicating it feels like your addicted to it. He wants to control you though! He gaslights often even in tiny arguments. He loves to play the victim. Even if an argument was completely his fault you will be the one apologizing afterwards because of his gaslighting. Yes, he is charming and does so much for others. Only so he can brag about it though and get attention. This man demands constant attention! He can’t handle being alone.

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First Name: Craig
Middle Name:
Last Name: Martinosky
Category: Cheaters


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