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Cheater Profile – Scammed me for 3,000 Business

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please be aware of Acme Standard Door or I hired Acme Standard Door to take out my old Garage Door and replace it with a new Garage Door. Acme Standard Door material was delivered and they put it in my back yard! Delivery truck also DAMAGED my privacy fence!! They said that they will be back out in the morning to get the job done. I ask them is my Garage Door would be safe in my back yard and he told me yes. I told him that the kids steal in this neighbor and he said its to heavy for anyone to pick it up. The next day they called at 10.00 in morning and said that they were on the way to finish up so when they pulled up and got out of there truck they came up to the door said they were here. So they went to the back yard and they came to the door and asked me were the Garage Door was and I said its were you put it at and he laugh at said for real and i said what is wrong and he told me that someone had stolen the garage door. So we called The police came out and made police report. When the police left my neighdor for 12 years came over and ask me and the garage door men why the police were here. Thats when I told him that someone had stolen my garage door last night. Thats when my neighdor look at the garage door men and said that I saw you guys out here at 4 clock in morning takeing the garage door and that when the garage door men said you are mistaken and my neighdor said no I am not mistaken. My neighdor said hold on a minute he went into his house and came out with a piece of paper with the licence number. Thats when the garage door men left. So I called the police back and the police officer ran the licence number in and it came back to Christian Cargill the owner of Acme Standard Door. That when they police called the owner Christian Cargill and said that there was going to be charges on the employees. Thats when Christian Cargill called me and told me that was very sorry for what happened to me and the they have been fired from there jobs. And was going to order me a new garage door and soon it comes in they would be out to finish the job. But that was a BIG LIE

It has now been 8 weeks since they had not delivered the materials and nothing has been done. I have been in contact with sandy, the secretary, and Christian the owner since then. They have put me on the schedule 9 times over the past 2 months and have canceled 5 times.

Just today, I was on the phone with CHRISTIAN CARGILL THE OWNER and was very rude to me and TOLD ME to “GO F**K YOURSELF AND SHOVE YOUR GARAGE DOOR UP YOUR A*S”.

Thanks to web-sites like this we as consumers can warn each other about bad business people.


Christian Cargill
869 congress st
costa mesa, California 92627
Phone: (949)548-5555

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