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Cordell Demetrius Lee Oregon Texas USA

Facts- Name: Cordell Demetrius Lee aka “Dellboy” (Tight Eyed Productions)
Date of birth: June 18th, 1990
Place of birth: Dallas TX
Current City/State: as of May 2017 he resides in Beaverton/Portland Oregon. Has moved around a lot but mostly just lives in Beaverton with friends and family.
Arrest Record: Criminal Mischief and Harrassment, booked in Washington County Jail in Hillsboro OR in 2015 (verifiable on, and arrested and charged with drug possession when attending high school in Pleasant Grove, Dallas TX.
I am his ex of a year and a half. Cordell is a very good liar. He discredits his exes to make them sound like he left them when really they all dumped him after getting played and used for s*x, money, food, attention. He thinks he’s G*d’s gift to women and makes false promises of the basic necessities such as supporting himself, trying to keep on with a job, etc. He has stolen over $5000 from me personally by shorting me on rent and borrowing with the promise to pay me back but never coming through after 3 months of living together. He’s currently in arrears for child support for his 2 children, of more than $30,000. He is an alcoholic and a pothead. I found his dating profiles on Tender and Tagged and Plenty of Fish after he slipped when another female called his phone and I answered. After checking my phone records I decided to make some calls. It wound up being over 50 females in a three month period. Some from Washington, Oregon, and Texas. Some even confirmed having met him and had gone on dates with him, in my car! He has no car, no money, no home, no phone (uses go phones when he can or other people’s phones). You’re probably thinking: why did you date him?
I fell for all his bullshit and lies, telling me I was who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, talked about marriage, wanted to have kids with me, he cried a lot, always had a reason to point the finger and deflect responsibility of his problems on someone else (work, family, exes, etc). He goes hard on pushing for a serious relationship and says he’s grown and learned and changed a lot but it’s all lies. He has no idea how to save money or pay bills, he drives under the influence almost everyday, he’s addicted to p**n and dating websites, won’t claim his girlfriends on Facebook so he shuts it down and opens it when he wants to get attention/dates. Everyone of his family members know he’s a deadbeat with nothing to offer and don’t want to support him because of all his lies and using of people.

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