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Convicted Arsonist Paul Dean Ward, – Destroys Bus Psychos

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Latasha Breitenstein was going to her children bus stop located at Creative Corner Child Care, at 1509 North Main St in Dayton, Ohio, To get her children off there school bus and that’s when she saw Paul Dean Ward, coming off the pre school bus. Latasha ask Paul what were you doing on the bus. Thats when Paul said he replied nothing. That when Latasha started to walked her children across the street to there home. Then Latasha went in to the office to set at the computer that’s when she saw black smoke coming from the pre school bus. She had went to the Creative Corner Child Care and knock on there door to warn them that there school bus was on fire and to call the fire department and police. And that’s when the nosiest neighbor by the name of Eunice Lipscomb come to the Creative Corner Child Care and knock on there back door to tell them there bus was on fire. eunice did not tell the people at Creative Corner Child Care that she saw who did in or nothing. The only time eunice lipscomb came forward is when she started to talk to Latasha Breitenstein and thats when Latasha Breitenstein told Eunice Lipscomb that she saw Paul Dean Ward, coming off the pre school bus. and told her that she ask paul what were you doing on the bus. That’s when Eunice Lipscomb said oh I now I saw him to coming off the bus. Eunice Lipscomb her own children don’t have any thing to do with her because she is a trouble maker and a liar and cheat and fraud. Officers were dispatch to Creative Corners Child Care, 1509 N. Main, at 5:28 and made contact with Latasha Breitenstein and Eunice Lipscomb. Officers did more talking with Latasha Breitenstein then they did Eunice Lipscomb. Because they know Eunice Lipscomb is a “BIG LAIR” and “THIEF” in the neighbor hood. That when the firefighters came to the scene to put out the fire. Then the crime scene investigators came to the scene to take pictures. Then both Officers asked Latasha Breitenstein if she knew were paul lived at and she said yes. Then both Officers asked Latasha Breitenstein if she would please get in to there police car so she can show both Officers were Paul lived at and she did. That when they went to Paul house and his roommate “ROBERT” said Paul was not there. But he said Paul would be back later that evening. Officers returned to the apartment around 9:30 p.m., found the man, who identified himself as Paul Dean Ward, and questioned him after advising him of his rights. Three months after release from prison on three arson convictions, Paul Dean Ward was back in jail in connection with the arson of a pre-school bus. Ward at first denied setting the fire. He did tell police that he walked near the bus and considered entering the bus because he needed to urinate. He chose not to because “he could not do that to those children,” according to the police report. Officers took Ward back to the scene and continued to question him. He continued to deny both entering the bus and setting the fire, stating the witnesses must be lying. He eventually admitted he did enter the bus. When asked if he ever had urges to set fires, Ward responded “Yes, several times a week,” according to the report. He continued to deny setting the fire. Officers informed him he was going to jail and cuffed him. Paul said “If I told you the truth, you were still going to take me to jail,” Ward then told the officers, according to the report. He was taken to the Montgomery County Regional Jail. He faces possible arson charges at his initial court appearance. In September 2009, Ward was found guilty in the arson’s of two vacant houses and a garage and sentenced to 18 months in prison. According to the Ohio Department of Corrections, Ward was released Oct. 6. He previously had served two years for two 2004 burglary convictions and nine months for a 2006 breaking and entering conviction.

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First Name: Convicted
Middle Name: Arsonist
Last Name: Paul Dean Ward, – Destroys Bus
Category: Psychos

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  1. Posted By: princess
    Date: January 11, 2011 11:06 am

    I cant understand why you would would set a daycare bus on fire outside of a building where their are children inside, that could have made that bus blow up. and it could have blew up the the daycare and the poor children inside. you are a real sick man for doing that. you are never going to stop setting fires paul. sounds like you need to be put in a mental hospital for the rest of your life. and they need to throw away the d**n key and never let you out!!! it takes a real sick f**k to want to hurt innocent children and babies in a daycare!! i also hope you rot in jail for a long time before they should ship you to a mental for the rest of your sick twisted life!!! you are a sick man!! you have made us people outraged!!

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