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Connor Rake, Ruislip, London, Middlesex, England Cheaters

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Where do I start with this sleezeball…Well at first he will be very distant, say he had a hard relationship and break up with his ex, make out his friends don’t like him or talk to him no more and make sure that your feel VERY sorry for him. HE wont want to talk about any of his break up’s with previous girlfriends as it is too “painful”… this is how it started. The real Connor… A womanising loser with no self confidence, low self asteem and a whole load of issues that should seriously be addressed. He has never, not once had a STI check… but made his girlfriend at the time have two so that he didn’t have too. Someone also found a 14 year old girl pleasuring herself on his laptop which for a 21 year old it is CHILD P*********Y!!! One of his ex’s she apparently cheated on him, so he did the same but he was “really hurt” about this and wouldn’t put anyone through it. Another of his ex’s he claimed and convinced to start a family with him … whilst sleeping with other people. Not only did that girl not want a family she didnt even want to be with him but he and her friends pushed her to give him one last chance… to break her heart AGAIN! He lied about big things such as he loved her and small things such as he only had a pint (10 pints later) or never touched drugs… Not only did he lie, cheat and steal her confidence and all the rest he made sure that she felt as if it was all her fault. So we have discovered so far that he was a bully, a liar, a cheater and a complete waste of space and her time and her heart, We would just like any decent girl to stay clear of a heart full of pain and life full of lies and constantly being humiliated just for one, ugly, fat bloke that thinks with his little p***s.

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First Name: Connor
Middle Name: Rake,
Last Name: Ruislip, London, Middlesex, England
Category: Cheaters


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