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Con man, child predator Predators and Perverts

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William Allen Jordan is an international con man, scheming on 4 continents, hundreds of victims. He preys on very young women, 18 to 22 when he is in his 50s. He tells people he is in his 30s and can pull it off. Lies about his background, his employment, and past life. He often says he has no children when he has at least 13. He has said he is infertile and claims a miracle when a child is expected. He has stolen millions from women and businesses over the decades. He tends to be seen on the east coast US between New Jersey and North Carolina but has been possibly seen in Florida. A quick internet search shows all his aliases. He is a convicted child molester in the UK having abused someone under the age of 16.

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First Name: Con
Middle Name: man,
Last Name: child predator
Category: Predators and Perverts


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