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Clay Douglas, Big Springs, Texas Cheaters

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Date: 9:14 am

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Clay pretends he is with his sweet Kandi but he is really a man-thief. He stole Steve away from me and it doesn’t stop there. He lives a closeted life with his girlfriend while stealing men away from other men. He uses his self-hate to preach anti-gay messages on his radio show, The Free American and The Morning Brew. I know the truth Clay! I have these Skype screenshots to prove it! And now Kandi will, too.

CRD Publishing
PO Box 144 Big Spring, TX 79721
520-413-2397 Skype freeamerican69
Cells 432 271 8662 – 512-767-4561
e-mail:[email protected]
SKYPE Address: freeamerican69

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Cheater Details

First Name: Clay
Middle Name: Douglas,
Last Name: Big Springs, Texas
Category: Cheaters


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