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Claudette Hamilton-Sampson, Queens Village, NY Cheaters

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Date: 10:02 am

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This woman pretends to be G*d fearing, Scout Leader, 3 young boys … and she is cheating on her husband with a man from her job. The worst thing – they meet at the home she shares with her husband and sleep in the husbands bed. There is nothing lower than this person. She is disgusting, and sadly, she’s a Mother to 3 young boys!! I feel so bad for the husband, as he is a hard working man, and seems to love his wife and children … but as soon as he is gone and she comes home from work – her lovers parks right in the driveway and goes into the house. .She has been married for about 15 yrs – and the thing is – her lover is married too. I think the world should know that Claudette Hamilton-Sampson has been having an affair for MONTHS with some guy, and sleeping in the same bed she shares with her husband. Disgusting. The husband needs to get a clue and set her up … check her cell phone records to see what 917 number she has been texting and calling for the past 4-5 months.

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First Name: Claudette
Middle Name: Hamilton-Sampson,
Last Name: Queens Village, NY
Category: Cheaters


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