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Cincinnati Bell Inc. Business

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We ordered phone service and internet service through Cincinnati Bell in the middle of May 2013. A lot of issues – 1) there was no confirmation email as was promised after our phone call with a sales rep. We ended up getting one on May 20th, after calling b/c internet installation was something different quoted. That was one problem that they tried to resolve with a $5 credit. We’re angry – but we let it go. The phone service is the big headache. They said we can keep the same phone numbers (main line and fax) we had (we currently have ************ ******* and they would port over the number in 1 day. That was back in May. Its currently August 8, 2013 and the numbers still aren’t ported over. We keep calling Cincinnati Bell, only to be promised a follow up phone call with what’s going on – and we never get one. It’s been 3 months that we are in “limbo”, where we cannot lose our phone numbers, but Cincinnati Bell won’t port over as promised (and they have no idea whats going on), and therefore, we’re paying 2 bills for 1 phone number. We were able to get the first month credited, as they weren’t providing the service. However, subsequent bills are not credited (despite not providing the service). One more note – because they didn’t port over the phone numbers in May, when they “tried” later, they blamed it on the Insight/Time Warner merger, but promised it’d happen afterwards (which was on 6/11). It didn’t happen then as promised. Phone numbers supposed to be ported over are ###-###-#### and ###-###-####. Port over our phone numbers to Cincinnati Bell as promised. Credit (refund) us for the months that service wasn’t provided. We’re paying 2 providers for the same phone numbers!

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First Name: Cincinnati
Middle Name: Bell
Last Name: Inc.
Category: Business


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