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Chrystine Uilk, Pipestone, Minnesota

Welcome to Pipestone, Minnesota where literally half of the women here are busy sleeping with your man. Speaking of nasty hoes, what’s that smell? You may think it’s all of the pig farms around here, but unfortunately that’s only partially correct. Chrystine Uilk is ranked as the managerial s**t. She’s know to get around more than the hogs being transported to market. This little piggy has been to market more times than anyone can count. Hopefully she’s not contaminating any of the hogs between sleeping with her coworkers in their trucks and around the barns. Lord knows she doesn’t have time to shower in between all of her extra curricular activities. In her spare time you can find her taking selfies with her “husband” – who is a whole other chapter to this – pretending to be back together, yet sending out mass Snapchats of her vadge. She also pretends to be mother of the year by taking pictures with her daughter constantly and posting them – hopefully her daughter finds a better role model and doesn’t follow in Chrystine’s footsteps. If so, hide your toddlers now. In reality, she would rather be drugged up and propped up on a bar stool talking to any guy with a ring on his finger. So heed my warning, if your man has a ring on his finger or any children with you, and if he works at any of the surrounding hog barns in the area I would do yourself a favor and get yourself checked at the local clinic. She’s had countless affairs with plenty of married men and engaged men. They feed her what she wants to hear just to get a side piece. She’s sloppy and she will Never be any man’s number one. H**l, she’s never even been her own husband’s number one, between all of the unsolicited DP’s and “I love you’s” to her friends it’s pretty clear that she’s nothing but a sow that these pig-like men like to throw their ***** down.

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