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Christopher Sanzon Cheaters

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Date: 7:54 pm

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Christopher Sanzon is a very dangerous person. He convinced his girlfriend to move to Portland with him and then began abusing her. He got a cat for her just to threaten to hurt or kill it every time she wouldn’t do what he wanted. She would have left him sooner but she got pregnant with his child which trapped her even more. Sadly though at 4 months pregnant he threw her to the ground and she miscarried. He was such a horrible person he threw away all her things while she was in the hospital getting a D&C. When she returned she found he had got into a fight with a black man downstairs which led to Chris loosing an eye. He was being very racist is why is occurred. This man is a monster and will bring down anyone in his life. He also pulled a gun out on his mom and sister because they were not doing what he wanted. He is a nasty and scary man and anyone smart should stay far away.

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First Name: Christopher
Middle Name:
Last Name: Sanzon
Category: Cheaters


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