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Christopher Michael Lee White Cheaters

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we have 3 children together, and 6 between us. two of them are still in diapers, we have been living together for 9 years. I just found out that for the last 2 years he has had 2 relationships with other women, they would talk and text on the phone for several hours a day. he didn’t spend that much time with us in a week, his defense was he didn’t touch them just talk and connect emotionally. he has lied every step of the way and continues to lie and change his story with each passing day. he tries to make everyone believe hes stupid but he aint. he keeps asking for another chance but I cant forgive him when I don’t know what im forgiving him for. he has always lied about stupid things and when he gets caught he starts pointing out the small technical details that are somewhat true if you take away the rest of the situation. stay away from this man, and his entire family.

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First Name: Christopher
Middle Name: Michael
Last Name: Lee White
Category: Cheaters


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