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Christopher Isaac liar cheater Louisiana

Christopher Isaac of Marrero Louisiana wise cheese cons and scams women to get what he wants he also has a massive s*x addiction where he sleeps with escorts in multiple women in the same timeframe he is always broke because he spends his money on escorts and Other Woman or himself he does not pay child support for his daughter and is wanted as well. Christopher Isaac goes on Tango Instagram WhatsApp and other social sites picking up women do not believe anything he says he stutters when he lies then you can tell nothing that comes out of his mouth is ever the truth he is nothing but a liar a pathological liar. Christopher Isaac also picks up woman at his job at Sonica Marrero and give people STDs. Chris lives at the Ridgefield apartments in Marrero where he is also slept with females do not believe anything he tells you he uses women for their cars to do what he wants and flirt with other women

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