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Christopher Bettis Cheaters

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Single women and mothers beware. Nine years of severe emotional and verbal abuse, Man conned me into thinking we were starting a future together, relocated to Hawaii from California, I allowed him to move in with myself and 2 children. I was a self sufficient, independent single Mom, getting ready to buy my first Hawaiian property. Six months after I moved him in, we started shopping for real estate. When we got prequalified for a loan, he had no money, and had such bad credit he didn’t qualify for a mortgage, however I alone, did. So, since we were starting this life together, I put his name on the deed. In 14 months we made just under 200,000 from my condo. I recently learned he had been carrying on with anther woman who ended up deceased and cause was inconclusive, and was just told recently that he was at her house the day before she died, here’s the crazy thing she lived in California and he was living with me in Hawaii, and I wasn’t aware he had gone to California. At the same time she passed, he was watching our property value increase at almost $10,000 a month. I believe she threatened to expose the affair to me, so he flew there in secret to try to stop her. Once I decided to leave, I found multiple persona’s in his email accounts and talking to people on island.” “This person entered my life 9.5 years ago, as, yes, a whirlwind, long distance relationship I live on Maui and he lived in California. I have gone from realizing I was in an abusive relationship, to realizing I was living with someone who feels nothing and matches every, sign and scenario described in all the sociopath sites and experiences. My children, both boys, are now 13 and 17, the oldest has always been private about his feelings, but the youngest is sensitive. When I realized it was abuse, I set a date for 90 days to get position {I am financially ruined}, as I observed his actions, I realized the typical tricks and games of emotional and passive aggressive verbal abuse were constant and daily, and his idea of what was normal in our house.” “As I was going through his computer to take an inventory of discriminating photos to be deleted on the day I left I discovered what I thought at the time was a major secret, what I ended up find was a multitude of evidence proving his whole life was a lie, and that he had targeted me originally for financial gain and a way to get to Maui, he did want to make it work with me, however in his twisted way. He made some creepy journal entries, one stated “changing me would remove the things he adored, and he would fight for years if needed. One girl he was seeing at the same time as me, had committed suicide shortly after he stopped seeing her, when the P found out, and told me about it he acted upset and said the sister was blaming him for some reason, he acted so hurt and confused, then proceeded to have VERY PASSIONATE s*x with me {that was 7.5 years ago}. What led me to look up personality disorders, was after a week of me pointing out that I knew what he was doing and couldn’t control me that way any more, he became uneasy and unpredictable, then one night while watching TV {kids were asleep}, he gave me the dead stare while playing with a knife, lasted for over 3 minutes without him saying a word, I pretended to not be afraid and just tried to make small talk from the tv show he then put the knife down and crawled on top of me to cuddle. I went to women helping women the next day, and then started researching narcissist, sociopath, psychopath, and malignant N. I took it back to the honeymoon stage, by telling him my therapist told me I needed to focus on myself and my anger issues. It was then that I started realizing who this person was, and what he is. He has no idea that I know anything about his past, or that I have proof {securely kept with trusted people}, of his past and present lies and cons.” “From what I’ve read their greatest fear is exposure, sounds like at this time its my greatest asset.” “I do not want revenge, or even to hurt him in any way, not sure I can. I just want him to take his business and the belongings he brought from California, and get out of my family’s life.” “It has been a long journey to get to the final conclusions that my many physical and mental ailments over the last 9 years were intentionally caused and influenced by this parasite, they are so good at manipulating you and others into believing everything is all you.” “However a sociopath is not done until he feels he has destroyed you. Almost 2 months had gone by without a word from him, and now he has started telling new lies stating I got a hold of his account numbers and took all his money {I’ve never stolen a thing in my life} and doing it within my children’s youth hockey organization in front of children that go to school in the same class as my son, which also includes professional colleges of mine. He rented a portion of our house out and has pocketed $950 a month for the last 18 months and has always my children’s food for the entire 9 years without contribution, and then told people and courts that he had been supporting me the better part of the relationship, which he has never done. He is an evil sadistic person. He had only paid 13 months of mortgage since the beginning of 2008. He is currently self employed doing lawn maintenance, he started this business because I could no longer afford a gardener or allowance for my son, his solution was free business cards that him and my oldest son dispersed throughout neighborhoods to pick up a few accounts. His other accounts came from my son’s hockey parents.” “Criminal courts have failed me, now I move onto civil court.

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Last Name: Bettis
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