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Christina Pualani Kovalsick, Edgewood, Maryland Cheaters

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Date: 8:31 pm

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She will lie to you, she will cheat on you. This women is a piece of work. She is a very confused individual with no sense of direction. Christina cheating on me with lot of dudes…This crazy w***e works at the Aberdeen Proving Ground for U.S. Army finding guys to take care of her. N****r loving s**t f****d 12 guys at one party. She spread her legs for everyone and anyone hoe me lookin like miss piggy, f****d meĀ and at that party she f****d someone else boyfriend. Christina P Kovalsick is a c*m thirsty s**t who wants to suck as many guys as she can before her boyfriend finds out. Shes good and really loves c*m. Expose her for the s**t she is. She has s*x with her father “John G Kovalsick” on the weekends. Christina will gladly accept a**l, oral, an gangbangs as for her them men must have big c***s. She told me I was the best in the bed, she even told me her boyfriend p***s is so tiny that she can’t even tell when it’s inside her. Christina simply fakes her o*****s with her boyfriend and masturbates in private bath room or at work. She likes to lead lots of guys on and borrow money from them and then just disappear. She gets rings and stuff and then cheat on them. She tells them what they want to hear. She really don’t know what she wants in life. Christina p***y has housed many c***s. She can play the game better than most men. She can get it up the a*s anyway you want!! She loves to swallow!!


Christina Pualani Kovalsick
108 Palmetto Dr. Edgewood, MD 21040
Phone: 410-322-1070
DOB: 10-20-87

Aberdeen Proving Ground – U.S. Army
2 Halls Cross Roads, Aberdeen, MD 21001
(410) 306-1403

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Cheater Details

First Name: Christina
Middle Name: Pualani
Last Name: Kovalsick, Edgewood, Maryland
Category: Cheaters


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