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Christina McWhorter

Chrissie Marie McWhorter 10-15-78 is a polygamist that carries herpes & chlamydia. Fraud that uses men & kids 4 her personal gain. Habitually abandons her kids or aborts them, often married 2 several at once. As example, married Robert Pickney 6-7-97 & Cory whatley 4-15-99 WHILE married 2 Robert. Robby divorces her on 6-22-99. Real name is Christina Marie Miller tho she masquerades as Chrissie Marie McWhorter to hide her checkered past of using & discarding men 4 meal ticket. Clearly bipolar & threatens suicide to land a man. Sweet talks guys she thinks is rich like her newest victim James. Chrissie acted suicidal to manipulate him- cops came too much for her fake suicide ideation they don’t believe her any more. James falling for the Christian Chrissie persona, wait til WHEN she screws him up. At work she bragged that James daughter & grandkids r outta the way & she can quit work soon. Sold pain pills to buy tickets for James & posts him all online to make her CURRENT husband jealous. She is trouble & any man that falls for the acting of this dollar store looking clerk is a desperate fool. The above is only SAMPLE of dirt available on the s***k. How could anyone bring her to church knowing she is a polygamist, abandoned kids, aborted babies, married 3 or 4 times? Like she read the Bible and acted the opposite.

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