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Christian Scaife, Illinois Cheaters

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This guy is a complete and total waste of space and life. He pursued me, not the other way around. He took me on date after date, had me around his family so I thought he was serious. He talked to me about his daughter and his addiction to cocaine and how he had overcome it. He even told me he was molested by his boy cousins as a child. I accepted these things, thinking what a great testimony he has about how his life has changed for the better and how he’s overcome obstacles. Recently just found out he’s been sleeping with at least 4 other women and lying to us all. He never wants to use protection, when he has s*x and could possibly be spreading all kinds of STDs. He’s a huge liar and has no remorse about his actions. He will stair you in the eyes and sweep you off your feet. Then, turn around and stab you in the back. He is a lunatic, a sociopath only looking to gain whatever he can for the moment. Then he throws you away for the next fix. He told me about how his engagement ended and how he did all he could for her. How he was basically the reason she had anything. He helped her get a car, a house and her job like he’s G*d’s gift to women. This man has a serious perverted problem and he won’t stop. PLEASE be ware. He doesn’t care about his own life, so he’s putting others at risk sexually. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was into guys as well. He has a twisted sense of dominating.

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First Name: Christian
Middle Name: Scaife,
Last Name: Illinois
Category: Cheaters


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