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Chris Isaac, Louisiana

Chris Isaac of marrero Louisiana is a lying cheating loser. He has cheated in every female he gets with and has conned them out of money. He had also slept with over 100 escorts including men and transvestites. Chris has kids he does not take care of or even see. He also has a roach infested apartment that his ex mostly furnished. He uses women for all he can get out of them and claims to always be broke. He also dates multiple people at the same time and has a massive s*x addiction. Chris also has been to prison and is currently wanted. He lives at the ridgefield apartments and works at the sonic in marrero. His phone is 5043510262. Chris just had a newborn die and is glad so he dont have to pay child support.

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Author: Anonymous

3 thoughts on “Chris Isaac, Louisiana”

  1. I meet this guy at Sonic too and he sure did do a con job on me. Chris flirted with everyone he saw and loves women. He loves escorts and spends alot of money on them and wants the girls he dates to join in. Chris lies nonstop and will never love anyone in life cause he is to cold hearted and selfish.

  2. Chris did all this c**p to me too and then some. I caught him sleeping with lots of escorts some of which were men. Karma gonna get him one for the way he treats people. G*d dont like ugly and Chris should pay for what he has done. Proceed with caution if you choose to date this man.

  3. Chris did all this and more to me. I even miscarried because of him. He is heartless and only cares about himself.

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