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I took my daughter to the quick care provided by CHI. I gave them all the insurance information for my daughter. I thought it was all taken care of but a few weeks later I got a bill in the mail. I used the same insurance card at the same place before without any problems. I called the company’s billing department and they informed me that I had no insurance except that I called my insurance company beforehand and made sure there were no problems with them. I went ahead and paid the bill so that it wouldn’t be turned into collections while I was figuring out all this between the insurance company and the hospital. When I contacted the billing department I made sure to give them the insurance company information and that they had the right information so that they could send the bill to the insurance company and I got reimbursed for what I paid. I waited a month but never received a check or any information about it. I called the billing department again just to be told that the claim was never sent and they will make sure that they send it this time. I was also told to make sure that I call again and again so that the billing department doesn’t just let it go and it takes forever. After that, I called again after 2 weeks and was told that the claim was sent but they are waiting on the insurance company. It’s been about 3 months and I still haven’t been reimbursed. The company is all about getting paid as soon as they can and cashing in a check immediately but it’s a horrible experience to get reimbursed for money that they owe.

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