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Here goes. I met Charles Hicks…he goes by Charles now and not Ed or Eddy. in the spring of last year, think was May, online. He was living in Sumter at the time and said he was retired. I received an email alerting me to his true identity and his past. But as it has been mentioned he is a real charmer, for a while. I still ask myself why i let myself get involved with this man. He ended up staying with me in Charleston, SC in my sons apartment. All he talked about was the Bahamas, the land he owned there and the sailboat he was going to buy first of this year with money he had invested and couldn’t touch till then for fear of taxes. Anyway, he whiled away his days talking about CA, what a perfect father he was, looking up sailboats on the internet, going to the Marina to take sailing classes, knew he was lying why would someone who professes to be an ace sailor need classes. Honestly I knew most of what he said was not true, I had read all about him….all those nasty lies people spread around about him …yeah right. He did seem to have some money to spend but spent it all on himself. I decided to get rid of him when he started making negative comments about everything i did, even cooking. I finally went to spend the night with a friend I knew he was jealous of, he doesn’t like competition, and called him in the morning and told him to leave. He did leave and i have not, nor do I want to hear from him again. the email address I put in the number 2 spot is one i know he just set up this spring. I don’t know where he is now but can bet he isn’t alone.

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First Name: Charles
Middle Name:
Last Name: Hicks
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