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I represent Joanna De’Loach in her effort to reclaim her good name and her personal/professional reputation. YOU ARE HEREBY ON NOTICE TO IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY CEASE AND DESIST THE DEFAMATION, CYBERSTALKING, AND CYBERBULLYING which falls upon the following persons: Joanna De’Loach, John Christou, and Jolie Christou.

You have 24 hours from the date and time of receipt of this notice to commence the retractions of your defamatory actions, and 5 business days to provide proof of retractions to my client in the email indicated below. You may provide proof through your attorney if you choose.

Our state and federal government both have enacted laws with very serious penalties to remedy cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and defamatory internet activity.

Failure to show sincere contrition in your retraction along with removing all offensive material and posts will result in the exercise of all remedies available under the law, both civil and criminal.

Brown Law Firm

Proof of Retractions:
Contact: 702-405-0505

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