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Cathy’s Miniature Schnauzer House – Sick Puppies Business

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This breeder named Cathy Talik is going around and putting up other breeders names and slandering them.You have no right to slander and put other breeders all over the net and try and ruin good breeders. Its non of your business they are not bothering you so why slander them. Do not purchase from this breeder, She sells very young, sick puppies with fake papers. My dog also had mites and was very dirty, he appeared to be covered in urine. her dogs all appear to not be treated well, Her yard is very clean on the out side and her house is clean on the out side. But on the inside of her house OMG her house is also a mess and smells of urine and fecies. The dogs are not kept in good condition. Her old man was eating dinner a plate of spaghetti and he started b******g about dog hair in his food. But To all you people who have purchased puppies from Cathy’s Miniature Schnauzer House, who have become sick or died shortly after purchase…and to all you people who are considering buying a puppy from Cathy Talik. She promises healthy puppies that will not exceed a certain weight. Her ads are false and misleading. I intend to sue her. If anyone would like to join in the lawsuit, please reply to this posting.

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First Name: Cathy’s
Middle Name: Miniature
Last Name: Schnauzer House – Sick Puppies
Category: Business


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