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Catherine Arreola Westerman Cheaters

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Date: 12:09 am

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This individual has been moving young men into her parents house since she was sixteen. At eighteen, she moved in a fifteen year old boy and got pregnant by him. He eventually left, she then hooked up with his older brother and married him because she could not get anyone else to marry her, she was engaged three time prior to this marriage. She will not work, she will not move out of her parents house and she insists on controlling everything and that the man she is with pay all of the family bills. She eventually cheated on her husband and they split up, only now, she is back with the brother. Beware, she will cheat to improve her station, she will not work, she does not have an education, nor does she intend to get one.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Catherine
Middle Name: Arreola
Last Name: Westerman
Category: Cheaters


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