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Category: Scam Alerts

Kevin Angileri Arizona

Kevin Buurma Angileri, DOB 6-16-68 is on federal parole until 10-17-19, he was federal inmate # 68022-308. This felon was arrested back in 2012 with Joseph Christopher Monahan (released from prison 7-25-14), these criminals were arrested for about 10 counts of wire fraud and extortion and Hewlett Packard was the complainant. As of August 2015…

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Amber Hunt & Matt Hunt, Phoenix, Arizona

Let me introduce you to two local criminals. Both skilled at fraud and illegal activity. Amber Hunt and Matt Hunt, Husband and wife run a few businesses under the name Amber Brite Cosplay and an Etsy store Amber Brite Props. When asked if they had a business license they both said they had an LLC….

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This compony is fraudelent.

The address,73 Elston Avenue,Benoni,Gauteng that appears on Loanrite SA’s letterhead is false.There is not a compony,like Loanrite SA at that address.The NCR registration number,NCRCP7616,that appears on Loanrite SA’s letterhead is also false. It belongs to Loan Rite Cash Loans,which was deregistered in 2015.The 2 people working at Loanrite SA,Deon Robert and Patricia Cross,are using false…

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