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Category: Psychos

Dr. Catherine Wilkins – University of South Florida

USF Dr. Catherine Wilkins Cheats, Lies About Going Into Debt Helping Cancer Patient on Scholarship * * Dr. Wilkins fabricates scholarship, commits adultery, uses an artist cancer patient to advance her college career. * * Dr. Wilkins makes fake bald cap, and mentally abuses bald cancer patient. * * Then, teaches courses in Art, Mental…

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justice frederick L. myers, toronto, ontario

A young woman pursued a Judicial Review against the crowns office who wanted to stay her sexual assault prosecution without any evidence being heard. The Provincial Crowns office are full of pathological liars. They protected a polyamorous, knowingly violent man in the Toronto community, from being prosecuted of sexual assault and sexual battery, to cover…

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Shnika Johnson Louisiana con thief robber

Shnika Johnson is a big time heroin and weed addict. She lies, cons, robs, and steals from people including family to support her habit. Shnika beats people up in order to steal from them and she cheats on every person she gets with giving them STDs because she goes with both men and women. She…

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