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Category: Predators and Perverts

Donald Sparks, Bremerton, Washington

Don Sparks, owner Northstar Instustries/Transmissions Northwest in Bremerton, Washington LURED a disabled woman at her most vulnerable to EXPLOIT, USE AND ABUSE her, TAKE s*x, look good in front of his no brain grease monkeys. WHEN THE DISABLED WOMAN CONFRONTED DON SPARKS, HE LIED ABOUT ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH ANY OTHER WOMAN. She been long time…

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Joseph Chapman, Minnesota

This man is a monster, He beat me sometimes in and out of conciousness, sexually assaulted me and as I found out later touched my son inappropriately. He is living somewhere in the Minnesota area now but has ties to washington state and from what I’ve heard drives a big rig cross country. He is…

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