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Category: DeadBeat

Jazz Kamberg

Jazz Kamberg met me at a dance. She said she was interested in me but did not return my phone calls. I called her multiple times. Then she texted me and said she had a new boyfriend. I am heartbroken and suicidal.

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Joshua Schoellman, Dallas, Texas

This “man” is a junkie, a cheater, a deadbeat dad, and pure scum. He’s married but that doesn’t matter to him. He will tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear to get what he wants. He’ll get bored with his wife and go find some poor stupid girl to feel sorry for him…

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Francis Zambito, Shiloh, Illinois

This guy is a control freak stalker – who is also very abusive both physically, mentally and emotionally – with a rap sheet a mile long to prove it! He comes off as very friendly and charming – then he pulls you into his trap – and gets you to feel sorry him because he…

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Matthew Breen, Chicago, Illinois

This guy right here, Matthew Breen is not only a deadbeat but a pathological loser. His LinkedIn claims he earned a bachelors degree at a community college, even the average moron knows that is not possible. While his first child was being born he was off making another child– then paying the girl off to…

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Stephanie Gould

Google succubus & it will show a photo of Stephanie Gould. You’ll never hear about her ex boyfriends because she stripped them of all their money & are now homeless bums begging for change on the strip. She’s had multiple abortions including one recently @ 5 months term. If she ever reproduces, it will surely…

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