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Category: Cheaters

Christopher noble

From oklahoma beware of chris noble he prays on the elderly hes sick he married a 84 year old woman he takes advantage of he has s*x with her and he takes all of her money he also is acused of raping girls in the past… this scumbag is about 5 11 with a mustache…

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PASTE & CUT BANDIT STRIKES AGAIN/ ALTERING PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ARTICLES/CHANGING SOME WORDING AND CONVENIENTLY ADDING THE NAME OF MINDY MURRAY NEXT TO DARREN AMBLER’S NAME: ===================================================================== Once again the Cut & Paste Bandit has struck again. Copying someone else’s article and changing and adding a few different words throughout the article. They need to get…

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Matt Deheck. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Matt Deheck of Georgia State University is a cheating fuckboy and drug dealer. He f***s around on his girlfriend with random girls that he met off Tinder, and insists on not using a condom every time with strangers he just met! He is a pathological liar, a waste of space, and has no good in…

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