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Category: Cheaters

Jada Pitre — Winnipeg, Canada

This ugly cat fish is Jada Pitre. You can beat her up 55 times and she’ll still talk s**t. She’s the most judgemental and rudest b***h I know. My own mom doesn’t like her, and my momma likes everyone 😂 She’s the biggest troll cat fish you would ever meet. She’s not pretty in person…

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Christoffer Thygesen @ Square Inc. Impregnated me & Abandoned Child

@tiggamaroo; @tegroplease; @christofferthygesen; @eastendmile; @square Christoffer Thygesen/Data Scientist @ Square Inc. impregnated me tried to force me to Abort an 18 Week baby then left me stranded without paying for the Abortion. Christoffer Thygesen then blocked me when his son was born. Christoffer Thygesen has never provided any emotional nor financial support for his son….

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Gail Schumacher Albuquerque, New Mexico

Caludia Martinez approx 25 years old, is the daughter of Javier Esparza. The family is highly prejudice against white Caucasian persons, and I moved into one of the apartments NOT knowing that. The girl is off her rocker and has slandered Gail Schumacher all over the internet. Her father is a landlord that has robbed…

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laurie mitchell

I used to date Laurie. She is Italian, 5’3′ 115lbs, and very tan. She is a narcicist. She will date you, and then mess around on you. She can’t get enough s*x! She will say she is in love with you, but then she will cheat. She has fake b***s around a c cup. She…

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Neil sells meth out of his dads home. He will not stop stalking and harassing me and posting false claims on the internet. My family and I are working hard to make sure that for every post he writes about me that there are 100 more about him in its place. I have filed for…

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