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Category: Cheaters

Robert Vrchota, Tinley Park, Illinois

is a closeted bisexual. Although he’s married and has a child, he sleeps with men. His current boyfriend is a co-worker named Jeff Watzke, who is also married and has three kids. These two work together and are very flagrant about their relationship in the office. The only reason Jeff got promoted is because he’s…

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Josh Kozloski, Pevely, MO, USA

This guy is a loser. He was dating a girl just because she was supposed to be getting some money from a settlement and a friend of mine at the same time. Then I found out he was also dating a 18 year old…he is 38! He seems to like overweight, unattractive girls that don’t…

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Molly Cecil, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Molly Cecil messed around with my husband before she got married last year . She looked for him again in 2017 talking about how miserable she is and wanted to see him . She would send him pictures and try to get him to go visit her. He made the mistake of talking to her…

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