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Category: Cheaters

Sabine Gueltzow, Hayward, California

This woman is entirely disgusting, slutty, and just a down right massive b***h. Despite her apparent disheveled ugliness,which makes it difficult to know if she is a man, woman, or horse, she consciously pursues married and taken men. It wasn’t long ago that she met me personally and was introduced to me as her potential…

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Tycameron Lake, Vancouver, Washington

This man is a compulsive liar. He compulsively shoplifts and steals. While he has never physically assaulted me, he has been known to be violent with others. He has mental health issues including depression, gender identity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and possibly asperger’s syndrome. He gives gifts that are stolen. He is not a musician which…

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Mike Albert Szoke, Granger, Indiana

Mike comes off like a sweet, innocent loving guy, but he is not! I was with him for a long period of time and thought I knew him well. I thought everything was heading in the right direction and we were going to get married. We both had the same interests and got along really…

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John Stevens, Carrollton, Missouri

He is a real moody person. You don’t know where you stand with him. When I first dated him it was like he was mad at the world. I went to his apartment one night and got a “**** You, What in the **** Do You Want?” And slammed the door in my face with…

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Allison Houck, has Herpes

Along with a daddy complex. She lives in Oaklyn and works in Pennsauken and a paper/graphic company. This * * * * is pyscho! She’ll latch onto any guy that looks in her direction. When she doesn’t get what she wants she’ll call your mom to get her on her side. When that doesn’t work,…

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