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Category: Business

Cliff Power Equipment — They’re A Scam

Cliff Power Equipment They took my money. I never recieved my lawn mower Internet!!. I ordered a riding lawn mower from Cliffs Power Equipment. I was concerened Since the are from Indonesia. I should have used my better judgement. I knew better that to use wire transfer. I used Pay Pal, thank goodness. Fredy from…

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MyJobCash.Com — Stay Away

I have wasted so much time on this, it was supposed to give 10$ for every person who clicked on the personalized url, i managed to reach 305 $, it said that a form must be completed, when i clicked on the link, it said that it is not available for my region.. I demand…

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PayPal — Sucks! BIG TIME

Pay Pal sucks! BIG TIME! Do they even have a customer service department or a resolution center?! Or, do they just have an automated system? I have made numerous attempts to close my account. I am suspicious of their company and their motives. However, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts at contacting them, speaking…

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PayPal — Avoided All Together

For the past month and a half I have been trying to register my business bank account with PayPal with no success. I have been receiving multiple requests for the same verification documentation that I have provided multiple times and yet nothing has progressed. Whenever I attempt to resolve the issue online (as the PayPal…

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