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This is a True Story: To all participates they both know who they are, for the past one year plus I (Robert De Niro Good GUY) Smart,Incisive,Gregarious,humble,likable,loving,admits his faults,Falls short too, Godly guy has giving Everything to this woman she was his Queen he thought …LOL have taking much time out of his Life built up on STRESS, BETRAYL, ANGER and INTELLIGENCE PLAYED ON, USED, and Abused by a (BRAINWASHED) woman who has been messing around on him a woman he brought a Ring for and engaged for Hot second, invited to church in return Never inviting Him instead just stating YOU CAN COME…now is that an INVITE… this woman Davita Wayne NJ (B Baker bakeralonzo@>>$%Sharon Stone) Paterson NJ Tough girl,beautiful mean, cruel and evil, unforgiving,heartless, cold and cunning and un GODLY!! who become ill and even though he was there the whole time (OVER A YEAR) Trust is 70/30/60/40 in Most Relationships (ACCUSATIONS) due to Red Flags was all he ever really done, never hit or Cheated.

Trying his very best to do the right thing as a decent man has made his life a living H**l due to lies,betrayal, hurt,wrongly accused, shameful , embarrassed, Disrespect and Taken for Granted..
Having played on by Games with his heart ,mind etc…..he waited over a year trying to prove his sincerity with bundle of flowers, Loving notes, back and forward to her locations in order to win her heart again, such lies as (Wait til I’m better,telling me over a year it has Nothing to do with anyone Else and his favorite (You Keep ACCUSING ME!!) LOL….which his great Instincts and Gut feelings has always told him otherwise, but the Lad did Not have a chance in !@## with her Heart not against the Dark Prince… unmoved at All by any of the BEAUTIFUL Flower arrangements,LOVE notes, etc….which left him with a broken Heart many times over trying to make amends for his few mistakes, than just the other day he came across the Reason WHY!! all her reasons for treating him SOOO very Badly, due to an old lost love (A.Merchat-MARRIED alonzo_love43@>>>#$ (Robert Woods the PIMP from TEANECK NJ) Tough guy,Dark silky skin,life of the party type, Arrogant, Stuck up pimp) who I guess he find out about her illness and re enter her life and has been there supportive ever since, I’m sure also they sat and talked about him, Mocked him, laughed at him in their secret Hiding place once/twice a week on Tuesdays,etc.. knowing very well the man is a Smart man but never the less still acted as due he was Stupid etc…while she giving him every detail of how he is begging her ..behind his back even after tons of questions asking her to be Honest and up front she never would which allowed him to continue doing all the things he were doing to gain her back, these two have been creeping for over a year with him not having a Clue until very very recent…BB has been AL Side piece (ADULTRY Lovers) the whole time over a Year and comes to find out they have kept in touch over the past 15 years even when HE decides to Marry someone Else..WOW and when the Truth was finally Revealed it was All H**l broke loose between everyone including others,not having seen this woman in over a year except through phone she all of sudden appears on his door step in defense of her Dark Prince (wow) now see these two were a couple several years back, this woman (BB) as it turns out  is CO-SIGNER to Everything this PIMP Owns these two have been committing INTERNET FRAUD for over 15 years, usings alias such as Linda Baker, Sabrina Anne Baker, Brenda Cobb,Brenda Flak, Nelson Alonso, Alonso Nelson, B Merchant,Alonzo B Merchant,etc..using for Countless States Cities and Addresses across America and abroad to commit Internet Fraud and there is Proof of it Share…-LOL so instead of making things work with a Good man (Rob De Niro) EVERYTHING started to become a Fight and Who does not know what that means in a Relationship causing the good to call her names due to so much Wrong done to him so she decided to become a Side Piece-Other Woman of (A Merchant- Rob Woods-PIMP) and was very content due to him being the one true LOVE of her life, and just treated the Good Guy as a Dog even after Everything he did /tried, never once having Any Remorse or Caring about his feelings/heart one bit Act as due he never Existed,Screaming,Yelling,etc..EVEN after he told HER a long time ago that the you will Weep what you Sow,Light will shine at the end of the TUNNEL which all he asked was to work things out and they dated for Three Years…this is what he discovered very recently than THREATS by the two of them such as I will Kill U, I HATE U,MF this MF that, U R No GOOD, ETC..all the Flowers, Pleadings, Begging,, back and forward here and there has caused Nothing but Pain, STRESS, SUFFERINGS due to UN-Trusted Worthless, Evil and UGLY (ADULTRY)  has held him back a Over a whole Year from moving on with his Life continuing to have him THINK he may have a chance but that was never ever going to happen against this Guy (AM he Walked on Water in her Mind…LOL and he thought so too due too having a very Big Arrogant head maybe unless something happen between them hadn’t he find out. Now you two can continue the ADULTRY AFFAIR without any harm from me I am at Total PEACE learning a very Serious lesson about being with or wanting to be with the VERY WRONG WOMAN those who lead us guys on, never admitting to ANY WRONG doings on their Part,Unforgiving,Heartless, Fake Christian always saying I KEEP TELLING U ITS NOT about ANY ONE ELSE ..LOL….so Fellas be very Very Careful to the One you Give your Heart too and she STILL SAYS U HURT MY FEELINGS calling me a SL!@#$%^^ Unbelievable ..can u believe that… ALWAYS Remember guys a Side Piece will Love to take HONOR, PRIDE, NO REMORSE, NO FEELINGS, NO HEART, UN CLEAN,BACKSTABING FUN, NORESPECT!,etc… her DEALINGS…..types.are HEAVY CHURH GOERS, QUITE,BEAUTIFUL, LIKABLE,NICE,SMILES,FIESTY and UN BLUMHESSS…….the devil is a LIAR!!! HE Never Wins..Nice Guys Never finish LAST….They are True Gents just having been Underestimated by TWO FOOLS who THOUGHT OTHERWISE and Never Realizing who they r Messing With.. SMHHHH!!…Good vs Evil.

EDDIE MURPHY said it best: Never Trust those Quite salad eating @@#%% because they afraid to talk to Scared a OLD SKELETON BONE may fly out!!!…..LOL. Some people think they are  so Slick!     Bonnie and Clyde: Past history Fraudulent Activities LURKS !
Lesson is: Don’t Mess Over Good People !!!
                           THE END

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