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Carter Angell Cheaters

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He”s a cheater. He lies about having a girlfriend. He has a steady girlfriend. Parades other girls around claiming that they are his girlfriend. At the same time he seriously tries to hook up with many different girls. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from his lying cheating self. Aside from being a pathological liar, he thinks that he is seductive and sexy as G*d only knows as he uses phrases such as ‘do you want latino candy?’ Yes. Girls this boy is Corny as h**l. And he also is cocky as h**l with no reason to be look at his picture and he has a small p***s, his breath smells awful, and he isn”t good in bed as he frequently promises and he lies about his height he”s a small small man 5 7 max and claims he”s 5 9 pathetic. He also trys to bulk up and can”t. Claims his body is amazing. It isn”t. There is no sixpack there more of a mini keg. He is super lame with no real friends and flirts like crazy he thinks he”s so hot Also he has stalker like tendencies and is guaranteed to cheat because he is a meat head who follows his p***s. His main mode of attack is through facebook first and then will stalk you down on facebook and then through aim be strong he tries to wear you down. Also he thinks he”s still living in the glory days of high school when he was a hockey star. He needs to grow up and realize that he”s far from high school and closer to a nobody. Don”t approach this one without an STD blocker girls because yes he has several. A woman scorned no. A woman learned yes and giving a sincere warning: He isn”t worth the stress and the gonorrhea. Get out while you can, I”m sure glad I did!

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First Name: Carter
Middle Name:
Last Name: Angell
Category: Cheaters


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