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Carrie McMullen Qualls, Newark, Delaware Cheaters

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Date: 10:53 am

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Found out Carrie McMullen Qualls is still a married women but she tells everyone she is separated. She likes outdoors and is very flirty. Will come up to you and carry on a conversation and make you feel special. I found out that she is still married but live separate in Newark and still has her husband around for finances. She also has a string of other men on the line and loves all the attention. Whatever you like to do so does she, to hook you in (hook line and sinker she like fishing). She is a user and a big liar. Spent sometime with her recently and her phone is going off with other men texting and calling her. Didn’t like it and knew she wasn’t up front with me so I left moved on. Found out she was also seeing and sleeping with a married man while with me.


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First Name: Carrie
Middle Name: McMullen
Last Name: Qualls, Newark, Delaware
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Linda
    Date: May 26, 2015 4:17 pm

    This witch sure does get around – and I do mean get around. She is still seeing other men or trying to, just being more secretive since she still needs her husband’s money and has allowed him to live with her for now so she can keep him the dark with his paycheck in hand. Anyone stupid enough to fall for her lies deserves this lying witch. She was after my husband, texting him, calling him at all hours, until I caught him and put a stop to it. Even after she changed her phone number and got yet another email address to try to get him. She doesn’t quit. She’ll move on to her next prey for now. She is pathetic and disgusting.

  2. Posted By: Linda
    Date: May 26, 2015 4:47 pm

    And just to clarify this witch lives in Middletown, not Newark. And she needs to stay away from married men.

  3. Posted By: Anonymous
    Date: June 20, 2015 1:40 pm

    Carrie Qualls is a liar, a cheater, and a fraud. Everyone who knows her at the university knows how she operates. She especially enjoys extended lunch hours and pretend business meetings and business trips to have time for her numerous affairs, leaving her free to return home and play the loving spouse to her clueless husband and enjoy the financial and social status that her so-called marriage affords her. She tries very hard to protect her reputation, but the truth of her antics has spread rapidly among her associates who are often amused by her airs of superiority and professionalism. What a joke she has become.

    It’s no surprise to see her name here, however it is interesting to read the story from the person who placed her here. He didn’t mention whether he slept with her, but is more than happy to put her name and image on this site as a cheater, complaining that she flirts and that she slept with some married man after he dumped her for being too flirty. If he really knew Carrie, then he would also know that she was likely a cheat long before he even met her, and that her husband David is a retired cop with his own investigation business and could easily find this story.
    Since Carrie is still married to David, either his investigation skills are somewhat lacking and he hasn’t found this particular story, or he is oblivious to her reputation as a cheater and would never expect to see his so-called devoted wife in a forum such as this, or maybe he found this story but doesn’t care because he is also having affairs of his own and they have an open marriage, or he wrote this ridiculous story himself in order to shame his cheating wife into being more discreet since she won’t change. It’s all rather amusing and somewhat pathetic to observe this particular story regarding Carrie Qualls, as I would imagine that there are plenty of other attached and married men who could tell a better and more truthful story about her cheating ways, but have chosen to remain silent for obvious reasons.

    But the fact does remain, Carrie Qualls belongs here, exposed as the cheater she is.

  4. Posted By: Frank
    Date: July 16, 2015 7:11 pm

    Carrie, my darling, I hope that you are not discouraged by this attack on your morals. You are a lovely person and deserve much better than to be labeled a cheater by a disgruntled loser while you searched for the one person who could satisfy you and make you happy. I have high hopes for us since we are certainly compatible and have spent many an afternoon basking in the glow of mutual satisfaction. I only hope that you can find the strength to dump the little man you are married to for good, and that you will remember the closeness that we shared. You know where to find me. Peace.

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