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CARRIE LYNN LONIGAN, Chesapeake, VA Cheaters

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Date: 12:34 am

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Relationships are NOT for Everyone. They require an ongoing willingness to not-know, to be open, to be thrilled, bored, confounded delighted… to take chances and put it all on the line. If you ARE willing to do that, it would be good to cultivate skills like presence, patience, kindness, insight, and true wisdom.

If you are NOT, that is a totally reasonable choice. Have love affairs. Have s*x. But don’t pretend those are the same thing as a real relationship or that they will somehow magically turn into one—because movies and songs.

Carrie – If you can’t even be honest with yourself & Love yourself, how could you possibly be honest & Love other people? YOU CAN’T you Stupid LYING CHEATER! GET REAL with yourself SLVT !

Honesty & TRUST are requirements for marriage. DUH. If you are not honest & trustworthy, then you should NEVER EVER get MARRIED!!! How unethical & disturbed you must be!

Some people like Carrie are just happy being FAKE as FVck. So amazing how they can even look at their disgusting POS self in the mirror? Good Riddance! This Cheater was too cowardly to not get married in late 2017. She must have thought it would be really great to continue to have all her sexual needs handled by Frank Little(of Norfolk, VA), so she could abuse & damage her fiancee & husband as much as possible at the same time. SELFISH NARCISSIST

She has never taken any responsibility for all the turmoil she caused for my friend. She is a true Peice of S**t

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First Name: CARRIE
Middle Name: LYNN
Last Name: LONIGAN, Chesapeake, VA
Category: Cheaters


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