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Carla Sue Gregorich, Florida Cheaters

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She portrays herself like this: I am a kind and wonderful person with old-fashion ideas. I don’t sleep around or I definitely don’t on the first date. I am not possessive or jealous and I prefer someone who is the same. I am looking for a gentleman who doesn’t have all the drama attached to their life. But this is her true personality – she posted this on her ex’s facebook about his girlfriend of 8 years less than 2 months after his mom passed away: I will only stoop to your level this once, in honor of _____’s mom. She hated you with passion. In 26 years, speaking of you is the only time I heard her use cuss words. The evil w****! I guess she was right. Not only is she jealous and possessive, but she is obsessive to the point of scary. As for old fashioned ideas and not sleeping around, well she started sleeping with her own mother’s boyfriend when she was just 16. As for looking for a gentleman who doesn’t have all the drama attached to his life, that’s only because she has enough drama for everyone. She’s emotionally unstable, a financial trainwreck, a hypochondriac, unemployed most of the time and clearly suffers from daddy issues (as she finds someone 16 to 25 years older preferable). G*d help anyone who gets involved with this person – you have been warned!

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First Name: Carla
Middle Name: Sue
Last Name: Gregorich, Florida
Category: Cheaters


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