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Carla Ayers tried to wreck my home. Watch her around your husbands. HomeWreckers

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Date: 11:11 pm

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Carla Ayers tried to wreck my home and she has no problem with sleeping with married men. She used to mess around with my husband, before we started seeing each other. She knew that my husband married me and she congratulated him. My husband told her that we were having problems and that he was living in our barn, which was a total lie. He also told her that I’m a bad wife & mother, which was a total lie. She was my husband’s friend on FB and he constantly posted about me being a wonderful wife & how much he loved me. My husband always wore a wedding ring & has my name tattooed on his finger, so he definitely had a tan line if he removed it. He could only talk to her and saw her during certain times of the day. He had her in my vehicle. She is old enough to know better than to mess with a married man. I showed up at her house, to “talk” to her and she locked herself in her vehicle. I went home and beat my husband with a 2×4, because he broke his vows to me. We separated for 9 months. I miscarried a baby, due to his affairs, so I made his life a living h**l. Carla has no problem with sleeping with married men. However, she’s scared of their wives and gets her daughter to try and fight her battles, when she knows that she’s definitely in the wrong. Adultery is a sin.

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First Name: Carla
Middle Name: Ayers
Last Name: tried to wreck my home. Watch her around your husbands.
Category: HomeWreckers


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