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Cara Fano, Hollywood, California Cheaters

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Dirty Despicable Cara Fano and Christine Young of Hollyweird
These two pigs need to be put on blast! I’m appalled and tired at how long they have been getting away with their dirty deeds and they sure love to brag about it.
Meet these two tacky obnoxious carpet munchers spreading disease, feminist ideals and overstepping their boundaries every chance they’ve got.

Meet Cara, 27 and Christine 25, these two lesbian floozies will wreck your world every possible way they can think of, first starting with the fake Christian act and pretending to be wholesome open-minded people. That’s not the case at all. They lack common sense and decency and do whatever they f*****g want such as never returning borrowed money to in order to buy $10000 worth in s*x toys, pot and makeup to be completely self-indulgent. In addition, failing to pay many people for services rendered to them and skipping out on many bills whether it be for a haircut or photography services, they come up with as many excuses to cheap out so they can continue their drug fueled debauchery. Please be aware these are people working pay check to check to make ends meet and it’s quite despicable and hurtful to see the kind of treatment they receive. Everything about them is vile! Try to confront them and ask for your money and they will play the victim card and even get violent towards you while breaching business contracts and agreements. They lack common sense and any communication skills or else they wouldn’t behave the way they do.
Nothing is off limits, methods of mental and physical abuse had been used and they always get away with it because they are “female” and will use the you hate “LGBT/Feminist” card on you when it’s not the case at all. They can’t seem to grasp the idea of respecting personal space nor the idea of equality when that’s what they preach.
The problem is they never own up to what they’ve done, they bully and harass the sick, the old, and inflict unnecessary pain on people trying to make an honest living and terrorize them until they break.
Attached is a photo demonstrating a herpes outbreak on Christine’s lips she has HSV I and II but tries to hide it from others. Check it out. Ugly on the inside and out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Watch out for these arrogant, perverted, morally bankrupt politically correct b*****s that like to step on poor unsuspecting laborers. Stay away from these unreasonable anti-social, self-entitled and racist jerks. They clearly do not value your life.

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First Name: Cara
Middle Name: Fano,
Last Name: Hollywood, California
Category: Cheaters


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