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Candace (Candy) Laffoon, Logan, Utah Cheaters

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Date: 8:47 pm

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The numerous betrayals and heartaches caused via Candaces egocentric secret acts of depravity are complicated for me to wrap my head around. Alternatively than helping our children at home with homework and spending time with the family Candace Laffoon has spent numerous hours texting her many fans, hooking up, and carrying on in her secret s*x lifestyles. She is aware of how so much i like her and want to be along with her and she manipulated my willingness to work on things in our marriage with the intention to raise on in her secret lifestyles with 15 men and counting now. It is very clear to me that she has cleverly manipulated me to her potential in doing whatever and the whole thing she wants without fear of penalties for her negative selections. And the worst section about all of these affairs is that Candace didnt require condoms with these kinds of married and single guys. Since of Candace lack of normal feel Ive had to go to the doctor twice to be treated for s**t. That is an awful sign of terrible decision making on her phase and she refuses to hearken to whatever I ought to say nor does she care what effects her moves have on me and the children. This is not the way someone wishes to find out that your companion is a liar and a cheater. Candace choices over the last couple years have been of any such despicable nature that if I real take a seat down and consider about it, it puts me in absolute shock. And then all i will be able to feel about is how my life is now a Jerry Springer freak exhibit.


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First Name: Candace
Middle Name: (Candy)
Last Name: Laffoon, Logan, Utah
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Candace
    Date: May 26, 2017 3:27 pm

    This is complete BS. This is extremely unfair and uncalled for. I would never divulge truthful personal information about my ex husband (there is plenty to say) — yet he posts these things that are untrue and humiliating — all because he was upset with me over a total misunderstanding. This is defamation and slander and I am prosecuting him to the full extent of the law.

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