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Brooke Dickinson HomeWreckers

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Date: 12:37 am

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This pos is a self proclaimed witch… I’ve seen her in action… she’s just good at hypnosis… after I saw her deliberately mess with a married couple… not that she wanted the man… just because she COULD… I called her out… guess who was next in her list ?.. Once again… mugshots are wonderful for knocking this w***e down a few notches… she’s got 2 babies from 2 different dudes and actually bragged to me that she was “trying to get pregnant without telling the guy she was s******g that she quit birth control etc.. she needs to get the facts that she is just an ordinary nobody and is not special or deserving of special treatment.. I hope she knows who it was that put her sorry was in jail last two times!… teach you to f**k with my life lol

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First Name: Brooke
Middle Name:
Last Name: Dickinson
Category: HomeWreckers


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