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Brittni Andrews, Nebraska HomeWreckers

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Date: 8:47 pm

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This woman is ruthless!! And I know my husband is to blame as well. I got a message from her on September 4. She told me that her and my husband were planning on meeting up that night. I was 4 months pregnant and she knew I was. She told me they had been talking since August and that it was just friends at first but she loved my husband. Mind you I’m pregnant and emotional already. I confronted my husband and he swore she was just a friend. Than the truth came out when she started forwarding me messages between the 2 of them. I kicked him out but it only lasted 3 days because I knew I couldn’t afford a baby on my own. He told her to leave him alone he wanted his marriage to work. Didn’t hear a word from her for a month then in October she started messaging him asking how he could do that to her wanting an explanation. This woman is bat s**t crazy!! My husband showed me all the messages so I asked her nicely to stay away from my family or I would make her life h**l. 2 days ago my husband tells me she is trying to talk to him again! So here is my revenge. She is a nurse at the hospital in Kearney and I will admit she is pretty but d**n find your own man.

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First Name: Brittni
Middle Name: Andrews,
Last Name: Nebraska
Category: HomeWreckers


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