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Brittany Nichole, Crystal Lake, Illinois

This woman slept with my friends husband knowing he had a wife. Then even after he told her he wanted nothing to do with her, and was trying to repair his relationship with his wife, she continued to message him with false accusations about his wife. Obviously trying to start drama in their relationship. She even messaged his wife with lies saying she was pregnant and was going to have the baby just to make their life h**l. She pretends to be all “self-loving, drama free etc.” but is nothing but full of herself. She works as a nanny and a student at mario tricocci salon. WATCH OUT. She will try to steal your man, spread rumors about you, and do/say anything to try and make your life h**l.

Like this:

Author: Anonymous

1 thought on “Brittany Nichole, Crystal Lake, Illinois”

  1. I know this girl and all she is, is DRAMA. I cannot stand people who try to portray themselves as self-loving, humanitarian, hippie bs when they’re truly just fake as f**k.

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