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Brittani Bailey Swartzell Crawford HomeWreckers

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Date: 3:20 pm

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Coahoma, TEXAS Beware
This Toxic trailer trash ripped apart an amazing family and is proud of it. This wh0re Hound ruined everything in this mans life and now has him living with her and her KIDS in Coahoma, Texas. She is a drunk Slutty piece of garbage, can not keep her own pathetic life under control, so chooses to bounce from man to man like a frog with herpes. She drags her kids along for the ride and destroys everyone along the way. Bringing new men regularly into her bed and these kids lives, just to later destroy that and these men disappear. Horrible excuse for a person, much less a mother.

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First Name: Brittani
Middle Name: Bailey
Last Name: Swartzell Crawford
Category: HomeWreckers


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